Racing Tech developed an evolutionary tech approach, the Display Pushbuttons System so called DPS- patent pending-, which combines three products into one: LCD display, multifunction pushbuttons and a rotary switch, providing availability of multiple pages. Each pushbutton represents a real LCD display, capable of showing a video, image or live data with different bright RGB background colors. The Display Pushbuttons System evolution consists of connecting a variety of features in one unit. An easy configuration through CAN-Bus protocol allows users to have a custom setting, whose functions are selectable via rotary switch and pushbuttons. It also offers a fast access memory to store logos and images to be displayed on pushbuttons. Customers may request a Wi-Fi communication module. Foreign languages are easily programmable and do not require any additional external elements. KRADNOOS is the name of the first switch control panel powered by the Display Pushbuttons System. It’s compact, lightweight, rugged and easy to use. It’s compatible with all CAN-Bus control units. Furthermore KRADNOOS can be customized with the clients’ logo.

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